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Rapid pressure filter for reverse osmosis treatment Rapid pressure filter for reverse osmosis treatment Model: FAS 160
Capacity: 40 m3/h
Customer: Andreotti Plants
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No. 2 Rapid pressure filters for reverse osmosis pre-treatment No. 2 Rapid pressure filters for reverse osmosis pre-treatment Model: FAS 120
Capacity: 2 x 45 m3/h
Customer: Rossi Group Farm
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Double stage filtration for reverse osmosis pretreatment Double stage filtration for reverse osmosis pretreatment Model: FAS PVRF 90
Capacity: 2 x 20 m3/h
Customer: Ciccolella Flower-growing
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Water treatment using a filtration process on quartzite

The FAS multilayer filters can retain the physical impurities, sand and mud, suspended substances in water, the iron in an oxidised form, wich cause turbidity in water.

If turbidity is also determined by a modest quantity of fine colloidal substances (almost always present in surface water courses), FAS filters offer excellent performance if used after an in-line flocculation treatment, envisaging the direct dosage into the filter delivery lines of a specific product that aids the agglomeration of the substances dispersed into micro-flakes.

If used with in-line pre-flocculation, sometimes FAS multilayer filters can reduce drastically, heat and the bacterial charge in water. The choice of the filter bed has been studied to allow a volume filtration with high filtration speeds, and enabling long running cycles.

Periodic filter washing (back-washing with water and final washing) enables the expulsion of the retained impurities and clearing of the filter bed.

The upper section of the filter bed is made of selected anthracite with very high chemical-physical and mechanical properties, suitable to favour flocculation reactions. It holds the flocculation and it also filter the large impurities so that the lower section can retain the finer impurities.

The lower section is made of extremely pure quartzite with a selected particle size. Under the filter bed there are one or more layers of inert materials (quartziferous sand) with pre-set piece size and layer depht.

They are also used to complete the biological phase of some purification plants for sewage water treatment and for industrial processes.




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