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Water Treatment & Engineering Construction

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Via Città di Milano, 42
76125 Trani (BT) Italy
Phone: +39 0883 189 1111
Fax:      +39 0883 192 2034

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Padova (PD) Italy

Personal data processing

General instructions for reading the website

The access and reading of WTEC Plants website is subject to the following Terms and Conditions and to the regulations in force. So, the access and reading of this website imply the general acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions and the ineffectiveness and invalidity of any different agreement between WTEC Plants and the web user.

This website is conducted by WTEC Plants Water Treatment Engineering & Construction s.r.l. Via Città di Milano, 42 CAP 76125 Trani (BT) Italy, Phone: +39 0883 189 1111 - FAX: +39 0883 192 2034

Terms and Conditions

In spite of WTEC Plants does its best to insert exact and up-to-date information into the website, it is not possible to provide any guarantee on the website content. So the user will have to value the website appropriately.

So WTEC Plants doesn’t take any responsibility regarding the use of this website and its content. Particularly, WTEC Plants won’t be responsible for precision, updating, completeness, adequacy faults, timeliness of the information in the website, nor for the possible damages or viruses could damage the data processing equipment or other user’s property as a result of the access, of the use or of the web navigation or of the downloading of material, data, texts, images, videos or sounds of the website. WTEC Plants reserves the right to interrupt or suspend at any moment the website functionalities without any responsibility springing at its charge, both this happens as a result of WTEC Plants actions or omissions, and as a result of third party.

Information in this website could contain technical or typographic errors. WTEC Plants reserves the right to make, at any moment and without notice, changes, corrections and improvements to the aforesaid information, to the products and to the programs described by the same.

This website contains information about WTEC Plants products and global services. Some of these ones are not available anywhere. Any reference to WTEC Plants products or services in the website do not imply, automatically, the availability of this product or service in Italy.

Downloading, display and printing of the information from this website is permitted exclusively for private use. Anyway is forbidden any use of the website content for non-private or commercial purposes unless of written consent by WTEC Plants.

Is required to keep and reproduce any mark about the intellectual property rights existing in material downloaded from the website. If not specified, any material in the website has to be intended as protected by copyright and could be used according to the following Terms and Conditions or to what specified in the website texts, except for WTEC Plants written consent. WTEC Plants doesn’t take any guarantee about possible violation of third party rights by web users as result of an improper use of the material in the website content.

Is forbidden the subdivision of parts or sections of this website and/or the incorporation of the same ones into other third parties’ websites outside WTEC Plants.

To the web user is not recognized any right of financial exploitation of WTEC Plants material or of the third party one in the website, nor with reference to brands, patents, technologies, products, processes, nor to any other WTEC Plants intellectual property right or third party one mentioned in the website.

Except for the Information object of the Privacy Code on Internet, all the communications or the material transferred to the website by the web users by e-mail or by any other mean, including data, questions, remarks, suggestions and so on, will be processed as non-confidentially and non-protected information, if not expressly mentioned.

In spite WTEC Plants arranges periodically to the check and to the inspection of the material in the website pages dedicated to the opinions exchange, there is no obligation in this sense, and WTEC Plants does not take responsibility with reference to the contents and to the information in this website section. It is forbidden to send defamatory, obscene, calumnious or however against the authority messages. In these cases will be given ready execution to the measures directed to the identification of who commits lawful acts sending material to the website.

If WTEC Plants recognizes a violation of these terms and conditions in using the website, it reserves to adopt, without notice, any corrective acts, including the exclusion of the web navigator/user from the access of the website and from its services and the removal of every material inserted in the website by the same user, without any responsibility on this subject.

The web user engages himself to indemnify WTEC Plants against all the claims, damages, responsibilities, judicial proceedings and for any other prejudicial consequence deriving from improper use by web user of the discussion services, opinions exchange, sending, transferring and similar provided by the website.

WTEC Plants reserves to check the Terms and Conditions through periodic updating. As these reviews are binding for the web navigator, the latter is invited to consult, periodically, this page in order to become acquainted with these updating.

Privacy Code on Internet

The following Code applies to all WTEC Plants websites having an URL address. The document is an expression of the criteria and the general practices for Privacy protection. These practices distinguish the modalities by which the data are collected, served and used.

This Privacy Code could be easily consulted because it is accessible from the website homepage and by links in any other page of the same one, where the personal data are collected.

If necessary, in these collecting points, further information could be provided relating to the specific purposes for which the data will be processed. This Code, together with the other additional information, is directed to guarantee Privacy protection of web navigators and of WTEC Plants websites users.

Privacy Guarantee

The words personal data in this Code, mean that all the information could be used to identify, directly or indirectly, a natural person or juridical one. WTEC Plants won’t process your data without your consent, in case this is not allowed by the regulation in force.

In processing of your data, WTEC Plants engages itself to respect the legislative decree 196/03 and its subsequent amendments and, however, the national and international regulation in force that could be applied in point of Privacy protection.

The following Code sections explain the modalities for collecting your personal data.

Personal data use

Most of WTEC Plants sections or websites do not require any registration, so enabling the access and reading without the identification of web user. Otherwise, some sections or web sites could require the registration. During the registration in our website, you have to complete some fields (some of these are obligatory, other ones optional), and to choose a user name and a password.

In this case, the lack of introduction of some personal data required could make impossible to the user the access in some website sections and could make impossible to WTEC Plants the reply to requests arrived.

WTEC Plants processes personal data collected for specific and restricted purposes, for which the information will be given at the time of enquiry.

Privacy of the information

The possible communication to third party or diffusion of your personal data could not be made without the upon notice of your consent. WTEC Plants won’t spread, nor communicate your personal data to a third party outside WTEC Plants group. Nonetheless, these data could be transferred, by chance, to a third party who operates as for WTEC Plants, or in connection with WTEC Plants commercial activities, in order to execute the further treatments according to the purposes for which these data were collected.

In case communication of personal data to a third party is possible or necessary for any reason, WTEC Plants will arrange that this communication and provided use of data will be made clear with the object of a correct expression of the consent.

The above mentioned third party could adopt different privacy codes. In any case, WTEC Plants wants to assure that this third party provides its same protection level and, in case, WTEC Plants will require, contractually, to the same party, to process the data transferred just for purposes expressly authorized by WTEC Plants.

Your consent, shown according to what written in this paragraph, could always be revoked. In this case, WTEC Plants could not be able to satisfy requirements you forwarded. If possible, WTEC Plants will inform about the occurred annulment of the consent, the third party who has your data.

Data transfer abroad

WTEC Plants possesses data banks in different countries and jurisdictions. WTEC Plants could transfer your data to one of its data bank outside your residence country, also outside European Union. If the Privacy level of an extra-EU country is not suit to the international recognized standards, WTEC Plants will guarantee that data transfer to this country will be suitably protected and that won’t transfer the data to a third party, unless with your consent for the same transfer.

Security and Privacy

In order to assure security and privacy of personal data collected by WTEC Plants on-line, WTEC Plants will use data systems protected from proper firewalls and passwords, in compliance with what established in D.P.R. dated July 28, 1999, nr. 318 and with the Legislative Decree 196/03 and, in any case, with the regulation in force. The access to personal data is allowed only to the Employees charged and authorized who have a real need to use these data and who were not trained to process these data in a suitable way, according to security principles and privacy ones. Possible violation of the Privacy Code from WTEC Plants employees will be weighed according to the regulation in force. Respect of WTEC Plants Codes and procedures from the personnel is subjected to recurring checks and controls. Even if we can not exclude the possibility of losses, or fraudulent uses or data distortion, WTEC Plants wants to prevent these unfavourable events.

Right for access

Subjects interested in data collecting could exercise all rights of the Legislative Decree recognized by the art. 196/03 (e.g., right for access, updating and annulment of your data). Your request for updating, amendment and/or annulment will be immediately and suitably examined. No charge will be made to satisfy intervention requests, except for a request not justified lawfully. Requests for annulment of personal data will be subject to the applicable obligations: legal, moral or documentary that weigh on WTEC Plants.

Links to other websites

This Privacy Code applies only to the Internet WTEC Plants websites in Italy, except for third party’s Internet websites. WTEC Plants reserves to provide links to other websites that could be interesting for the users of its website. WTEC Plants wants to assure that these websites respect the higher quality standards. Nonetheless, because of the nature of the World Wide Web, WTEC Plants could not guarantee the standards of every websites for which provides the link. WTEC Plants could not be considered as responsible for the contents of the websites different from WTEC Plants ones.



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